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Buying Beachfront Properties in Thailand

In our previous blog article we discussed how now it is possibly one of the most opportune times to buy real estate in Thailand, and particularly in the Pattaya and Jomtien regions, The opening up of the ASEAN economies  and with the ongoing and enthusiastic expansion in the property market, combined with the ongoing infrastructure improvements and new high ways and roads being constructed.

These two factors combined should lead to not only to a continuing boom in the property market in the region, and also a increase in property prices in Pattaya and Jomtien and also in other areas of Thailand.

Purchasing a condominium in Thailand as a none Thai national is the easiest and most efficient way forward to invest in real estate.

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Due to the 1979 Thailand Condominium Act, none Thai nationals can own condominiums in Bangkok or condos in Pattaya and the surrounding islands, basically any condominium project in Thailand none Thais can own 100% outright, as long as 51% is in the Thai ownership quota for the condominium building, that leaves the 49% foreign quota to be owned by foreigners.

All condominium in Thailand are required to register with the land department the designates 51% of its units for sale for potential purchase by a Thai buyer.

Fundamental to our approach is our focus on gathering market intelligence. The company’s insightful research enables us to identify niche areas of future demand which may be overlooked by competitors.

Combined with project feasibility studies and careful planning, the company’s market intelligence, gathered by a dedicated team of professionals, gives it the confidence to identify and secure specific locations for land acquisitions and the development exclusive properties.

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During and after project completions we seek further customer feedback with a view to continuous improvement and learning more about customer tastes, needs and opinions.

The second core principle which differentiates us from our competitors is that of innovation. The company’s management and staff aim to apply innovative thinking to all aspects of the business from architectural design, interior design and customer relations.

The company works with leading concept designers, whose visionary ideas have put projects such as Palm Oasis Villas and Palm Grove at the vanguard of property development in Thailand. By working closely with the best architects and designers we are able to then turn these exceptional designs into reality.

We are careful to use high quality construction materials. And we aim to sell at prices which leave room for capital appreciation. Needless to say, this approach establishes a high degree of trust between us and our customers.