Buying Beachfront Properties in Thailand

In our previous blog article we discussed how now it is possibly one of the most opportune times to buy real estate in Thailand, and particularly in the Pattaya and Jomtien regions, The opening up of the ASEAN economies  and with the ongoing and enthusiastic expansion in the property market, combined with the ongoing infrastructure improvements and new high ways and roads being constructed. (more…)

manila condos for sale

Six Tips for Buying a Condo in Manila

If there is one crazy expensive real estate product that doesn’t seem to go away, that would be condominiums in big cities. Usually located in luxury locations, owning a condominium can be the very first sign of freedom and adult life. Some people prefer getting a Condo for rent Manila, just in case they found a better option later on. Still, making a real estate purchase can be a very challenging experience for a lot of people, especially for first-time owners. Here are some of the tips for buying a condo in Manila easily. (more…)

Buy Ajman Property

The Ajman property market may not conjure up the same level of glamour as that associated with the Dubai property market, however it would be a huge mistake to overlook all the potential of the property on offer here and the current low market prices. After all, the same situation could easily have been said for the Dubai property market just under a decade ago. Looking around Dubai now it’s easy to see that with government cooperation a lot can be achieved in a short time in the United Arab Emirates property market. And the Ajman government, using the model that has worked in such a spectacular fashion in Dubai, is aiming to follow in the footsteps of their illustrious neighbour. (more…)